Adoption curriculum

The Adoption Option


Gladney Center for Adoption does really great work helping connect birthmothers to families looking to adopt—AdoptED is a really great curriculum they have developed to educate high schoolers about teen pregnancy and available options that are not as well-known. Coming from a parent who was adopted, this project was a bit more personal than the average project for me as I knew some things about adoption but had no idea about all of the policy changes (for the better) that have happened in recent years, such as open adoption. I got the opportunity to take the excellent branding elements from our Art Director, Ashaun Eppes, and was able to extend it into an online experience to help Gladney's organization connect with schools and students in a visually engaging and easily digestible format.



Project Completion



  • Justin Pocta (UX/UI)
  • Ashaun Eppes (Art Director)
  • Kimi Dallman (Creative Direction)


  • John 'Boots' Highland (Simply Good Work)