Insurance made easy

InMyBag is shaping the future of insurance for freelancers through an accessible, refreshingly transparent web app. I had the opportunity to help architect the initial design framework.


Invision Prototype

Below is the Invision wireframe prototype we which ended our early stage UX process and the project was passed off to the Good Work team to create a beta UI website. We went through a two-week sprint to get the project quickly into the next stage quickly using Trello to communicate and comb through a series of requirements from the InMyBag team. There were a few tweaks in the flow, but the final site took most of my framework forward.

Each day we iterated to help clarify the user's journey while minimizing the user requirements. The main focus was in how to allow the user to add items without slowing them up too much with the login process. At this point we were not requiring any sign up, but on the live site went forward with an account creation first. 


Live Beta Website




December 2016


Justin Pocta (UX Design)

Phil Swan - Good Work (UI Design)


Good Work (Developer)