finance at your fingertips

While at [x]cube LABS, I worked closely alongside Liquid to create iPhone and iPad apps that would allow people to manage their money in a simple and fun way.


Liquid was definitely one of the heaviest projects I worked on while at [x]cube.

I'm not a math guy, but worked really hard alongside our team and the client to wrap my head around this project in every way to help get it where it needed to be and out the door. Our developers were not based in our Dallas office, so I had to take details from client meetings and help explain our goals to help them then guide me, as both producer and designer, through proper development solutions. We opted for some gaming development approaches in the end due to the drag-and-drop needs which gave us a lot of flexibility and used the phone's hardware well.

Alongside figuring it out for myself, I wrote up a spec sheet and wireframe to convey the logic of the app over Skype so there was no confusion about what was expected. The UX was a beast, dealing with lots of "If this, then that" situations. Dealing with sharp developers really helps you get through lots of challenges that could come up.




Project Completion

March 2012


  • Justin Pocta (UX/UI + Creative)
  • Jason Franzen(Creative Director)
  • Coby Almond (Initial Design Comps)


  • xCube LABS