Happy Neue Year

I am excited to finally get caught up on gathering my work together so I can now share everything I have been pushing out the door the past few years. Life has flown by pretty quickly—I moved from NYC to Dallas in 2014, got married last year, and moved a couple times around Dallas while working with a talented group of friends in an awesome House/Office (lovingly named, The Hoffice).

Apart from work, I have grown increasingly obsessed about urbanism, cities, walkability and tuning into local city council meetings so I can yell at backroom corruption and small wins for the people by good folks in office. I'm sorting out an art space at home to watercolor regularly (maybe even finally launch an Etsy Shop?). And, as always, I'm kept busy by stacks of books on any and every subject that captures my curiosity, biking around town, and my continued attempts to become a serious morning person.

Anyway. Here's to 2017 and great work ahead.

Cheers and best wishes.