One of my major passions is applying my design skills toward the refinement and clarity of a digital project's experience. My obsession with constantly learning more has led me, project-by-project, to being increasingly human-centered in my process and what I see as necessary for an app or website to be truly successful. Helping useful tools become more enjoyable and easier to understand is what I strive to do.

I love working with teams that value asking questions. Why are we creating a given project? What is the objective and our goal? How could we achieve it differently, better, smarter, faster? What if we tried it another way?

If what I do sounds valuable to you, reach out and we can see if there's a fit for us. Read over my résumé to see where I have been thus far.

I live in Dallas, TX with my wife, Julie, and our slightly overfed cat, Onion. Alongside design, I am enthused about cities, urban cycling, watercolor, creating libraries, taking too many photographs, and constantly learning more about how things work.