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Retail Street Advisors came to Switch to create a new landing page which we quickly evolved into a more robust website to elevate their brand and show off their latest projects.


While I'm not one for design for designs' sake, there is definitely a value in giving a project a modern look using dynamic transitions and immersive video in order to help bring a design to life and draw their customer into the full experience. We felt like this was the right time for just that and RSA who are constantly stepping up their game and work alongside major developments all around the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


We kicked off knowing that the client needed their site to be fresher and bring their select projects to the forefront of the site for quick browsing. I discussed my visual implementation with our developers to make sure we could pull this off in scope and that it could be formatted to have mobile-friendly options as well. As with any brand evolution, RSA has become a memorable company around town—on the corners of downtown Dallas streets as well as in major Plano multi-use developments. I wanted to help their logo stand out boldly, simply, and as the user dove into the story, be unbroken in the visual narrative. I walked the client through this concept and our development team crafted the transition perfectly. Below are the UX/UI mockups, but seeing the final really helps – visit the final version with additional sections and excellent custom video work at


Project Completion

February 2017


  • Justin Pocta (UX/UI/Art Direction)
  • Amy Nortman (UI)
  • Justin Childress (Creative Director)
  • Chad Werner (Videographer)


  • Good Work