Zephyr - San Francisco Real Estate

In 2011, Zephyr came to [x]cube LABS to help create its first iPhone app to create better access to its real estate listing for their users while on the go.


Our team had the opportunity to work alongside Zephyr, a long standing real estate brokerage in San Francisco. They wanted to create a powerful mobile utility for their customers, as well as agents, to be able to create and manage tours of prospective homes around the San Francisco area.

We knew the listing screen would be an important one because as helpful as a mobile device can be, dealing with information in bulk with your thumb and a 4" display can be easily be a total pain. We opted to add a notched tab that could be swiped or tapped to bring out additional options for each home. We left space over the home as an identifying element, so users can open multiple tabs to quickly rate, save or just note additional details.

From the home detail screen, a user can dig in deeper, add/change a rating, add to a saved tour of homes, and also have the option to forward to their agent if they think this could be the one.





Project Timeframe

June 2011


  • Jason Franzen (Creative Director)
  • Justin Pocta (UX/UI + Creative)


  • [x]Cube LABS